Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Courses

Whether you're looking to implement Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) yourself or just want to learn the most effective ways to use it for your business, our MCAE / Pardot training courses expertly guide you through the software so you learn not only how to use it, but implement the best practices for improving your business.

DIY MCAE / Pardot Implementation and Training Course Bundle

This bundle is the perfect Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) starter kit. You'll learn how to correctly set up Pardot, connect it to Salesforce, and create automated marketing campaigns with 3 months of the Rotive Membership included!

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Learn Lightning Fast

Learn the basics without being overwhelmed with a mountain of information. We designed our Pardot training courses so you learn only the most important information you need to know to start creating fully automated campaigns immediately.

Build With Confidence

Build ready-to-use marketing assets with confidence - even if you struggle with using technology. We provide step-by-step instructions and best practices for building key Pardot (MCAE) assets like emails, landing pages, and forms.

Train Your Team

Train your team on Pardot (MCAE) without spending valuable time providing hands-on instruction or creating an onboarding program from scratch. This course is a great resource for new hires or anyone in your company working in Pardot.

Get Expert Tips & Advice

Apply best practices to your own business. You'll get our expert tips and tricks, plus examples of use-cases we've learned over the years from working with our many clients.

Automate Your Campaigns

Save time by automating your campaigns. We'll show you how to build the assets and put them all together to create an automated lead nurture campaign.

Find Actionable Insights

Transform your business with data. We'll walk you through Pardot (MCAE) reports so you can understand where you can improve your processes and campaigns. 

The Pardot Course for Beginners (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)

This course is perfect for beginner MCAE / Pardot users. By the end of this course, you'll be confidently creating static and dynamic lists & forms, building branded emails & landing pages, and automating your nurture campaigns!



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DIY Pardot Implementation Course (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)

Expert-level MCAE / Pardot implementation without needing to be an expert. You'll learn how to correctly set up Pardot, sync it to Salesforce, add the JavaScript tracking code to your website, set up your DNS records, and more!



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